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Week ending March 31, 2011
  • 03/30/11 Asheville, NC
    Yay! Our little green shoots are finally poking up in the tulip beds. Tulips from previous planting seasons are already blooming in the neighborhood.

  • 03/28/11 Evansville, Indiana
    What a great surprise! We came back to school after Spring Break and found beautiful red tulips blooming. Hurray!

  • 03/28/11 Stanhope, New Jersey
    We are happy to report that we have 24 tulips now emerged ranging in heights from 2 inches to 5 inches. Our experiment with the narcissus bulb being planted along with the tulip bulbs has seemed to help. This is the most buds we have had come up in several years. Most of the narcissus bulbs have come up around the tulip bulbs as planned. We are very excited.

  • 03/28/11 Falls Church, Virginia
    The Lemon Road Lions Community welcomed the arrival of Spring this week w/ the blooming of Emporer Tulips. The dazzeling display of colors greeted participants during our Fun Fair, held Saturday. At the present date, approximately 1/3 of the plants are blooming.

  • 03/28/11 Charlottesville, Virginia
    Last Monday, the temperature was in the 80s. Today, yesterday's snow is melting. But, we counted 4 bloomed tulips today and many about to bloom! (Clark and Johnson Elem.)

  • 03/23/11 Sheffield, England
    Tulips are now beginning to flower. We have noticed that the tulips planted between the trees have started flowering whereas those planted out in the open grassed areas are still only quite small. We think this is because the trees have provided some shelter from frost.

  • 02/21/11 Hendersonville, North Carolina
     Our tulips bloomed on March 21st right after the official first day of spring.  We were very excited.  We are continuing our study of flower botany and also hope to do an art project after learning about Georgia O'Keefe and her flower paintings.
  • 03/24/11 Kaiserslautern, Germany
    Mrs. L's 2nd grade class found 3 of our Red Emperor tulips in bloom today! Two of them are along our vertical "E" test bed and one is in the "S".
    March has been sunny or partly cloudy, except for three days which have been rainy! We have had several mornings at or just below freezing; but the days have warmed up to the 40s and 50s [degrees Fahrenheit].

Hendersonville, NC
Photos: Becky LedBetter
Clear Creek Elementary students from Hendersonville, NC show off their blooming tulips.

more blooms



Charlottesville, VAblooms
Photos: Cindy Cartwright

Newly blooming tulips in Charlottesville, VA. The students have communicated with other gardeners in Alaska, Germany, Japan, Italy and Kazakhstan!