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Selected Reports from the Test Garden

Waiting, Watching and Recording...

  • 03/06/12 Spokane, Washington
    On March 6th, 2012 the Pioneer School of Spokane Valley observed the emergence of our Red Emperor Tulips. Spokane Valley, WA 03/06  1331064350
  • 03/06/12 Prosperity, South Carolina
    Our classes planted 500 tulips and daffodils in a pattern garden that featured pansies, dusty miller, curly purple mustard, ornamental cabbage, and Swiss chard. Our first tulips began blooming on Friday.
  • 03/12/12 Delmar, New York
    Tulips emerged over the weekend. Friday no sign, Monday 1 1/2" tall.
  • 03/05/12 Kalamazoo, Michigan
    We got to school on Monday and the little tulip leaves were poking up through the snow!
  • 03/12/12 Amesbury, Massachusetts
    We have had an extremely mild winter. We thought we'd go out and check our tulips and sure enough most of them have come up. The tips are about only an inch high and red. We are so excited to see them bloom.
  • 03/07/12 Stevensville, Michigan
    The leaves are green, but the very tops are red.  We did not see any buds.
  • 03/13/12 Barre, Vermont
    We saw 1 or 2 tulips just poking out of the ground. The snow has melted. We saw deer tracks and scat. We were wondering if the deer would come back. The deer might eat our tulips. We should put some bars of soap around the garden.

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Spokane, Washington

in snow
Kalamazoo, Michigan

tips red
Stevensville, Michigan