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Selected Reports from the Test Garden

Waiting, Watching, Recording...Celebrating!

  • 03/28/12 Atyrau, Kazakhstan
    I plan on reporting the tulips once they make it up. Ten days ago in Atyrau, Kazakhstan it was still 5°F, but then it warmed up into the 20's and snowed every day all week. The tulip garden was still under about two feet of snow then, with no sign of emergence!

  • 03/28/12 Lewistown, Montana
    Had a spring blizzard last Monday, and by the end of the week the snow was all most gone. Here are some photo's of tulips emerging through it all.

  • 03/24/12 Hurricane, West Virginia
    The students planted a tulip bulb at home in September and their plants bloomed in February. Our school tulips were planted in mid December; and they bloomed on March 24th. Something else interesting -- many of the tulips have an extra bloom.

  • 03/26/12 Williamsport, Pennsylvania
    We saw one tulip that bloomed in our garden! Most of our tulips have buds. Many of our tulips have twins. One has triplets! It has been super warm, but today is really cold and windy.

  • 03/26/12 Charlottesville, Virginia
    All of the tulips have emerged and almost all bloomed, but between 9 and 21 of them were bit off. Our tallest tulip is a foot and a half an inch.
  • 03/26/12 Westbury, New York
    The tulips that have bloomed are beautiful! Feels like winter returned today though.

  • 03/27/12 Lawton, Iowa
    Tulips are blooming. A little short for Red Emperiors. Very dry winter so stems not as long as expected. Kids very excited to see tulips emerge. Beautiful sunny day.

  • 03/27/12 Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (home of the Ground Hog Phil)
    It was a was bright, sunny and chilly 47 degrees when the bulbs started to bloom. A heavy frost occured the previous night, but that didn't deter these sturdy bulbs from opening! Now that spring is here, we look for all of the plants to emerge--as well as Punxsy Phil!

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remaining snow
Lewistown blizzard: remaining snow

tulips up
Lewistown: tulips survived blizzard

Victoria, MN

Williamsport, PA

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