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Selected Reports from the Test Garden

Late Planting--Lack of Snow Cover?

  • 04/25/12 Fairlee, Vermont
    We are wondering if the cold temperatures of winter without snow cover affected the blooming of the tulips. On 4/25 only four have bloomed.

  • 04/30/12 Norwich, Vermont
    This year's tulips bloomed several weeks later than those I planted in past years. I didn't plant them until December so wonder if this is the reason.

Kodiak, Alaska Test Garden

  • 04/13: Spotted one tulip bud. Yes! Windy, cold and spotty snow, but one bud.
  • 04/20: Fourteen buds and almost 50 degrees today here in Kodiak Alaska. Spring has arrived we hope.
  • 04/27: About 30 tulips almost 8 inches tall. Warm weather is starting to happen also. Almost 55 degrees in Kodiak yesteday. Fog today.

When will the final gardens emerge and bloom?

bloom in VT
Blooming in Norwich, Vermont


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