Update: March 28, 2013
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Tulips continued to emerge and bloom, even in cold and snow. How does this spring compare to 2012?

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Image of the Week
Reading Maps
Photo: Melissa Anisel
Reading Maps
News: Blooming in the South

Snowy Tennessee
Third graders from Franklin, Tennessee were surprised to see blooms, "The air temperature is 14 degrees Celsius and the soil is 6 degrees Celsius. We have snow on the ground at the same time the blooms were showing. We've been watching and comparing how gardens are doing as far as Russia!"

First in Albuquerque
"Our first tulip bloomed on March 20," reported second graders at Manzano Day School.

First for Atlanta
Seventh grade gardeners who saw their tulips emerge on January 24th reported, "The day BEFORE the Spring Equinox, our first tulip bloomed." From emerge to bloom was 54 days.

Slow Growing in Cold
Cold northerly winds prevailed last week. Even in snowy gardens, tulips emerged. On March 20, first graders in Utah reported, "We saw 2 tiny tips of our tulips emerging from the ground!"

New Mexico bloom
Photo: Stephanie Dobbie
First in Albuquerque

snowy emergence
Photo: Cynthia Wells
Emerging in Snow

Maps and Journal: Test Gardens

How do temperatures help us predict when, where, and how plants grow?

tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
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