Update: May 2, 2013
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Test gardens bring celebration to school yards across the Northern Hemisphere. Predict when northern Alaska will share in the celebration.

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Image of the Week

New York garden
Photo: Jennifer Moreau
Beautiful in Bloom

News: Celebrating Gardens

Blooming gardens are sweeping the map, but many gardens are late to emerge or bloom this year.

"Our tulips are up and the snow just left, so it is pleasure to know that spring is here. We are about one month behind schedule, in fact we had a light snowfall last night again." 04/24/13 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Our garden was covered by April snow three times this month! We have 2 tulips pushing out. This is more than one month later than last year," was the news from Shakopee, Minnesota. 04/29/13

New Hampshire
"We waited almost six months for the tulips in our Journey North Test Garden to finally bloom," share the 6th graders in their big "W" garden. 04/29/13

"It took 28 days to go from emerge to bloom this year," reported Elizabeth in Charlotte.

Discoveries Beyond the Bloom
Third graders in Franklin, Tennessee predicted what their tulips looked like after blooms and greenery was dying. Many thought the bulb would be used up after bloom, so they dug them up to see. "We were surprised to see that the bulbs were huge and had multiplied into many, many 'babies,'" they shared.

Minnesota emerge
Photo: Julie Brophy


W for Woodbury school
Photo: Mark Huebner
New Hampshire

Vermont bloom
Photo: Elizabeth Howard
Spotlight: Microclimate Experiment

Students in Midland, Michigan planted an official Journey North Test garden last fall. The also chose two sites they predicted would bloom as far apart as possible. Photographs of their gardens taken this month reveal the results of their microclimate challenge.

micrclimate experiment
Celebrate: Showcase Learning

Showcase your learning with a portfolio of the things you've explored during the Test garden project. Review journal pages, updates, and slideshows to make a personal record showing what you discovered.

student portfolio

Maps: Test Gardens
At first glance blooming Test gardens are sweeping the map. Closer study shows there are a few gardens yet to emerge and bloom. This week, the Journal focus is on northern Alaska. When do you predict emerge and bloom in these northern Test gardens?
tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
Annual Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts
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