Update: March 30, 2016
By Mary Hosier
Spring erupts in fits and starts, bringing snow and bloom. Learn more about the botany of those big red blooms.

Blooming in VA
"Despite the snow storm and weather that has been very inconsistent, the tulips are out and beautiful."    Falls Church, VA

News: Snow and Bloom

Yo-yo temperatures continue this spring. Many students returning from spring break found blooming surprises, while others found their gardens covered with snow.

"Ohio's weather has been like a roller coaster this month. We just got back from spring break and the red tulips greeted us." 03/29/16 Doylestown

"We noticed the first tulips emerging yesterday, Mar. 21st in Evanston, Wyoming. Of course, that means that today it snowed."

"Peeking out of the snow!" reported Erin from Bozeman, Montana as the tulips emerged on March 28.

Whose Test Gardes will bloom next? Watch the map and make your predictions for early April.

snow on the tulips
Intrepid Tulips
Microclimate effects
Spring Surprise
Parts of a Flower
A botany lesson

Retired teacher Pat Gaines continues working with students in their Test Gardens. She works with 2 students from each 4th grade class who then present something about tulips to their classmates. For the botany lesson they meet and go over the slide show, maps and news.

"This system has worked out better than any other I've tried."

citizen science
Map and Profile

Complete your own garden profile, then compare the climate variables of your site with the New Hampshire garden in this week's journal handout.

Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
map | sightings
Monarch butterfly migration map
Our Garden Profile
Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
map | sightings

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