Update: February 24, 2016
By Mary Hosier
While most tulip Test Gardens still lay in waiting under the ground, there are 64 emerged tulip gardens to celebrate in the Northern Hemisphere.
Susan Voshell's Class
Winter Over?  Tiffany Pacey
News: Texas Blooms First

The Texas climate brings our first blooming gardens of 2016. However, heavy rains and severe storms are forecast this week for Texas and the Gulf Coast. How might this affect blooming Test Gardens?

  • Kingwood: "Our students are so very excited and check on the tulips every day at recess." 02/20/16

  • Dallas: "Fully blooming tulips from St. John's!" 02/22/16

Other Gardens Happenings
Most gardeners are still exercising patience while they're waiting for their gardens to spring into action.

  • Iowa: "We still have snow! There is about 2" of snow covering our tulip bed. This weekend is supposed to be warm so hopefully we'll see some bare ground next week." Decorah, 02/18/16

  • Russia: "Today the temperature in Zelenograd -2 degrees above zero, wind - 7 m/sec. There is snow on our tulips." Zelenograd, 02/10/16
Journey North Tulip Test Gardens
Blooming in Humble
Journey North Tulip Test Gardens
Fully Open!
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Spotlight Garden: Zelenograd

This Russian garden is located at 52°N latitude. How does this garden location compare to your own?

Profile Russia
Map and Journal

Complete your own garden profile, then compare the climate variables of your site with the South Carolina garden in this week's journal handout.

Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
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Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
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