Update: April 27, 2016
By Mary Hosier
To everyone's delight, Test Gardens are emerging at the higher latitudes, even in the middle of continental land masses. When will we see Alaskan gardens emerge?

Susan Voshell's Class
"At last our tulips have been emerged!"  Zelenograd, Russia  Elena Grigorouk


Discoveries in the tulip garden continue to excite students across the hemisphere. What are you learning in the Test Garden?

"Tulips had emerged but not yet bloomed when we were hit with a freak snowstorm. Despite that they are blooming now that the snow has gone," wrote Mary-Jane on April 22nd from Cambridge, Ontario.

"Finally tulips are emerging. It has been a cold and wet spring so far. When we had warmth (+60°F) the tulips jumped out!" exclaimed Karen from Cooper, Maine on April 23rd.

"Our Journey North Garden is in full bloom! One-third have bloomed and the others are almost ready," Nikki shared from Rapelje, Montana on April 21st.

Emerging Tulips in Russia
For the 4th year in a row, the students of Lycee No.1557 in Zelenograd, Russia report their emerging Test Garden.

"At last our tulips have 90% emerged! From 5mm till 15mm," reported Elena on April 13th.

planted upside down
nibbled leaves and blooms
Nibbled by Deer
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