At Last — Emergence!
April 12, 2017, Mary Hosier

Warm spring temperatures brought young citizen scientists outside to observe tulip growth this week.

blooming tulips
Students in Gilmanton, New Hampshire working in the garden with their teacher Erin Hollingsworth
on April 10th.

Across the northern regions from Alberta and Saskatchewan to Ontario and Vermont, gardens are emerging! Who's garden will be next?

"Today was windy but warm. We saw our tulips starting to emerge and poke out of the ground."
Calgary, Alberta on April 6th.

"The leaves are red on the emerging tulips. Our snow has finally melted and we've had two days of sun in a row."
Montpellier, Vermont on April 10th.

Bright red tulip flowers are a welcome sight in Utah, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and more this week.

"Our Test Garden bloomed over spring break! Can't wait for the kids to come back and see!"
Midway, Utah on April 4th.

"Wonderful to see the tulips beginning to bloom today!"
Streamwood, Illinois on April 10th.

First signs of spring
Montpellier, Vermont

bulb for planting

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