Best Butterfly Gardening Websites

Before You Plant, Know Your Zone
Conult these maps and locate your planting zone:

Monarch Watch: Butterfly Gardening
An Introduction Creating a Butterfly Garden: A Teacher's Guide to planting a school butterfly garden, plus plant lists

Pamphlets and books on butterfly gardening can be found at this site. Information on what a butterfly is, life history, behaviors to watch, creating a butterfly garden including a garden design, references and resources

The Butterfly WebSite Planting Guide:
Information about the following:

  • Nectar Plants
  • Nectar and Larval Plants
  • Larval Plants
  • Trees
  • Other Desirables
  • Proper Use of Planting Guide

Audubon Guide to a Healthy Yard and Beyond
Everyone can create healthy habitats by making kinder choices. To find out how to use more native plants, less lawn, and less pesticides, download Audubon's Guide, which features "10 Commandments for a Healthy Yard."

Visit a Delaware School Butterfly Garden
This site is brought to you by Lynne Bloom, a second grade teacher at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in the Christina School District at Newark, Delaware.

Landscaping with Native Plants Learn how to get started planting native plants. Once established, native plants do not need fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or watering.

North American Native Plant Society Get information for your region. Whatever your level of experience -- from novice to expert -- the North American Native Plant Society invites you to explore the world of native plants.

Butterfly Garden--University of Kentucky Department of Entomology
How To Make Butterfly Gardens: Includes nectar preferences and larval food plants for several species of butterflies including the monarch with many pictures.

The Butterfly Zone Web Site
The Urban Gardener: Discusses how to attract butterflies to your garden, even if you live in the most urban setting in America. We talk you through the basics of how to bring these exquisite creatures of nature into your life and how to plan a small, butterfly friendly garden or window box.

The Butterfly Guide: Offers information about the sorts of butterflies you will find in your neighborhood and which plants will attract them to your home. The guide divides the United States into six regions and describes which flowering plants will attract specific butterflies in each region.

  • Southeast
  • Desert Southwest
  • Pacific Coast
  • Midwest
  • High Plains
  • New England

North American Butterfly Association
NABA's program for Butterfly Gardens & Habitats is a series of brochures that describe basic butterfly gardening as well as butterfly gardening in specific regions in the U.S. Included is such information as top butterfly nectar flowers, nectar flowers that don't work in this region, top caterpillar food plants, common butterflies for your garden & yard, local & unusual butterflies for your garden & yard, and general comments about gardening in this region. Regional butterfly gardening brochures (price $3.00 each; PDF files are available also) about 16 states were listed

Young Entomologists Society
A nonprofit, entomology youth education organization with goal to provide young people with a combination of programs, publications, and educational materials that enrich their insect and spider studies through dynamic, innovative, and enjoyable learning experiences.

Butterflies of the United States and Northern Mexico
Teachers/students can click on any state in the U.S. (and N.Mexico with Canada planned) to see which butterflies visit each state, their distribution within the state, see pictures of the butterflies, and some contain textual descriptions and other information, such as life history, required habitat, and conservation concerns.

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