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Baltimore Oriole Spring 2014: Wednesdays, February 26 - May 7, 2014
May 7
As we wrap up the season, the weather by the middle of next week will allow migrants to reach their final destination and begin breeding. Dr. Aborn says, "Have a great summer!"

Baltimore Oriole Image: Laura Erickson

Blackpoll Warbler April 30
Shifting winds and moving high pressure mean good flying conditions ahead. Keep watching as another spring migration heads to the finish line.

Blackpoll Warbler Image: Laura Erickson

Bell's Vireo April 23
"There are still a few weeks of migration left, and still a lot of birds to come!" Check Dr. Aborn’s forecast with the week's weather map and see what to expect.

Bell's Vireo Image: Laura Erickson

Scarlet Tanager April 16
We have seen two weeks in a row with fallouts; will this week make three? Dr. Aborn says, "Just when you think spring has arrived for good, Mother Nature hits us with a surprise. That is what makes spring migration so exciting!"

Scarlet Tanager Image: Mike's Birds, via Wikimedia Commons
Indigo Bunting April 9
The first official fallout of the season brought a great week of birding! Spring migration is approaching its peak in the South. For folks farther north, it is just getting cranked up.

Indigo Bunting Image: Laura Erickson

Cerulean Warbler April 2
"The birds are really on the move!" reports Dr. David Aborn. Based on this week's weather map, what is the migration outlook for your locale?

Cerulean Warbler Image: Laura Erickson

Black-throated Green Warbler March 26
Old Man Winter just doesn’t want to go away, says David Aborn in describing a week when only Texas reported significant influxes of migrants. The coming week looks better!

Black-throated Green Warbler Image: Laura Erickson
Painted Bunting March 19
It's the first week of spring and all those migrants waiting out last week's cold fronts should be able to take off again. Get ready for good birdwatching!

Painted Bunting Image: Laura Erickson
Rose-breasted Grossbeak March 12
Much of the country got a taste of spring this week, and the birds liked it as much as the people! But that taste of spring is about to turn sour, according to the weather map.

Rose-breasted Grossbeak Image: Laura Erickson
Ruby-throated Hummingbird March 5
The birds are moving! "I wasn't expecting the diversity of species that arrived this week," exclaimed Dr. David Aborn in his latest report. See which birds arrived, and get a preview of what current weather may bring next.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Image: Laura Erickson

Tree Swallow
February 26
Dr. David Aborn is back to share migration news and help us read the weather like migrating songbirds. It is still too early for much movement, but the first signs of spring are appearing!


Tree Swallow Image: Laura Erickson

Ornithologist Dr. David Aborn Welcome!
Ornithologist Dr. David Aborn is back this spring to share the secrets of weather and migration. In his weekly Weather Forecasts for Migrating Songbirds, learn to read weather maps and predict when you will see songbirds traveling through YOUR locale. Get ready with this weather and migration tutorial.

Image: David Aborn

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