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  • Challenge Question #3

    ISELIN MIDDLE SCHOOL (ims@gorgon.com)
    Fri, 14 Mar 1997 14:20:59 +0000

    Our lives depend on leaves because leaves produce two
    essentials: (1) food and (2) oxygen. Leaves are part of the
    food chain which effects our lives everyday. Everything we
    eat is somehow linked to leaves.
    Leaves photosynthesize producing energy for itself.
    However, when an animal eats that plant, it stores the
    energy that it obtained from the plant. When we humans eat
    that animal, we get the energy that it obtained from the
    plant AND in the animal.
    Carbon dioxide is taken in by the leaves and oxygen is
    given off. We breathe the oxygen that the plant had given
    off and we supply it with more carbon dioxide.
    So as you can see, leaves are vital and very important to
    staying alive and healthy. Leaves are important to all
    living beings, not just humans.

    Purvi Shah Iselin Middle School, Iselin, New Jersey