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    tulip activities

    Sue Haines (sehaines@gwi.net)
    Sun, 16 Mar 1997 21:06:31 -0500

    Dear Julie and Elizabeth -
    I teach 4th grade and we are enjoying locating on our map the places where
    tulips have emerged and/or blossomed. I have the kids just put a dot on the
    state which is mentioned because I feel it could take forever to find some
    of the cities. Longitude and latitude would help, but I realize the
    difficulties of doing that, and it would probably take us ages to locate
    those, too! However, with large states (CA or TX) that would be more
    accurate. The exchange has been a bit frustrating for me because I
    initially wrote the letter (we had no e-mail at school). I addressed it to
    10 or so schools and only one responded - in the same state as us. This
    hasn't been bad exactly because we are learning about our state (ME), but I
    think the guessing would have been more fun, and it would be interesting now
    to be corresponding with someone in a different location . Now that we have
    nearly guessed where the school is, what they say is essentially the same
    for us. However, starting tomorrow we have internet access in our room so
    the kids can write themselves and see the web pages.
    a question - do you have any idea how well represented the various states
    are in your program? In other words we have observed that there are a lot
    of robins in NC, but not too many in nearby states. Is that because those
    states don't have robins or don't have e-mail or aren't involved with JN?
    Sue Haines