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    journey north

    F. Koontz (fkoontz@cccbbs.com)
    Mon, 17 Mar 1997 00:28:55 -0500

    I teach a third grade in Bowie, Maryland. I am as excited as my students
    with this project. All 60 of our tulips have emerged and the children
    eagerly inspect them daily and report on their growth. We are also using
    your information on the whooping cranes. (I found you too late to send
    monarchs.) I use the letters from Aransas as part of my reading
    instruction. We are going to make origami cranes to decorate our
    library. We have painted beautiful tulips that everyone in our school
    has admired.

    Every Monday a child goes to the library to log into the U.S. Naval
    Observatory to find our photoperiod. We spend time Monday recording our
    data and also graphing the data about the mystery classes. I divided the
    class into 10 groups and each group is graphing one class. We have all
    10 (3 page long) graphs posted. We are also graphing our microclimate
    data. We are using a soil thermometer to measure soil temperature and we
    also record air temperature and whether the day is sunny or cloudy.. We
    only had 2 sunny days in all of February!

    I'm pleased with the new awareness my students have about regions of the
    U.S. They can readily find particular states now because of the numerous
    mapping activities we have completed with Journey North. They have
    become very proficient at graphing. Thank you.