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    sandhill cranes in Nebraska

    Someone (someone@lps.esu18.k12.ne.us)
    Mon, 21 Apr 1997 11:26:45 -0500

    Every year in February,sandhill cranes come to the Platte River on
    their way to their nesting grounds in northern Canada.A normal day for
    the cranes would be going to marshes and corn fields to eat.Some
    things the cranes eat are small
    birds,eggs,mice,crayfish,snakes,lizards,berries,tubers,weed seeds and
    insects.They also eat grain,wheat and corn.
    The sandhill cranes like to dance in the spring. They dance by
    hopping up into the air and fluttering their wings.One of the places
    cranes can be seen dancing is in medows and/or grain fields.Many cars
    stop along the country road to see them hopping into the air and
    fluttering their wings.People used to think it was a courtship
    display, but it's not just that.When cranes mate they mate for life.
    When it is time for the sandhill cranes to leave the Platte they
    confused. The reason is because they've been at the Platte at at least
    six weeks.When they take off they fly in pairs.The pairs become a
    dozen and then it's a whole flock.Probably by middle April the Platte
    will be empty.Right before they leave they hardly eat their food.
    Next year they will come and do this all over again. when they finally
    leave they go to Canada and Alaska to nest there. For over ten
    million years cranes have been coming to Nebraska.

    By: Carly B.,Alena VD., Mimi a., Abby H., Jade B., Joe M., Janae D.,
    and Brett MC.
    Fredstrom Elementary School
    Lincoln, NE