What is Journey North
for Kids?
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A simple, student-directed entry point to Journey North studies.

Engaging stories, photos, videos, and slide shows from the natural world build observation skills, inspire scientific thinking, and create fertile ground for discussions and new questions!
Teaching Tools

Reading Booklets and Slideshows
Print personal nonfiction booklets for independent reading or read-alouds — or let students view the slideshows online.

The materials provide rich background information at a primary reading level. Accompanying Teacher Guides help students build reading skills and get the most from each topic.

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Observation Activities
Photo- and video-based observation activities that students can do themselves. Teacher Tips help you extend learning and address standards.


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Observation Handouts
Select from this Gallery of Student Handouts to guide observations of photos, video clips, and the natural world. Print and pass out copies. Use these again and again!



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Questioning Strategies

Draw from this list to build students' observation and thinking skills.

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