About Journey North

Now in its 25th year, Journey North is one of North America’s premiere citizen science projects for children and the general public. The project has broad participation, with over 60,000 registered sites in the US, Canada, and Mexico — including families, teachers, schools, nature centers, professional scientists and novices.

Journey North provides an easy entry point to citizen science, with simple protocols, strong online support, and immediate results. Reported sightings are mapped in real-time as waves of migrations move across the continent. People report sightings from the field, view maps, take pictures, and leave comments.

Journey North was founded in 1994 by Elizabeth Howard. The project is funded by Annenberg Learner, a division of the Annenberg Foundation.

The Journey North Team

Beth Allen, Symbolic Migration Coordinator

Julie Brophy, Science Writer

Mary Hosier, Science Writer

Elizabeth Howard, Founder and Director

Ed Piou, Programmer

Mark Reeves, Programmer

Estela Romero,  Symbolic Migration Coordinator, Mexico

Cindy Schmid, Data Manager

Rita Welch, Education Specialist