April at the Doorstep

March 28, 2022 by Team Journey North

As spring progresses, more American Robins are arriving in northern breeding territories. Farther south, signs of nesting behavior have begun. What robin activities are you noticing? Report your observations to Journey North.

“My first worm [of spring] being eaten by a robin.” Rebecca in Bridgton, ME (03/17/2022)

Arriving Farther North

April is almost here and American Robins are venturing as far north as Alaska. How does the pace of migration compare to previous years? Explore our maps to find out.

Gwen in Juneau, AK: ”Male singing in the morning.” (03/25/2022)

Dawn in Madawaska, ME: “Robins appeared in Madawaska, ME this morning. They were a bit confused by the foot of snow we are getting today.” (03/25/2022)

Mo in Calgary, AB: “1st male robin seen at the watering dish outside, earliest I have seen them here!” (03/26/2022)

Hearing Robins?

Male American Robins arrive first on breeding grounds and begin to mark their territory by singing. Listen for their territorial song (also known as the “True Song”). Tracking the first songs of males is a reliable way to predict when the wave of spring migration reaches you. 

Pat in Warren, MI: “On March 15, 2022 I noticed an American Robin high in my neighbor’s tree against the backdrop of the beautiful waxing Worm Moon. I could hear it singing at times also as I was trying to focus. I felt this image perfectly represented a lovely afternoon spring scene in Michigan!” (03/15/2022)

Heather in Copake, NY: “A male belting out his true song from atop an old vacant bird feeder.” (03/25/2022)

Nesting has Begun

Where American Robins are singing, nesting is next. Nesting season is just beginning. It will not be long before the next generation arrives.

Linda in Republic, MO: “[Robins in] backyard next to fence collecting plant debris. GREAT!” (03/22/2022)

Foraging for Worms

Be on the lookout for American Robins foraging on the ground as spring rains drive earthworms out of the soil.

Terry in Rochester Hills, MI: “It was snowing earlier today, but this robin found some tasty worms in our garden.” (03/26/2022)

What are you noticing?

Report what American Robin robin activities you are seeing and hearing. Use the spring checklist to learn what to watch and listen for this spring.