Spring Turns to Summer

June 6, 2022 by Team Journey North

This is our final American Robin news update for spring 2022. Thank you for following along and sharing your observations. Keep reporting nesting behavior and other observations of American Robins throughout the summer months.

Photo: Sanford in Waterford Twp, MI (05/21/2022)

Another Great Spring Season

Spring is winding down and summer is just a few weeks away. We hope these migration updates have provided you a sense of joy and wonder. Please know that your reports provide valuable information and paint a real-time picture of migration as American Robins move northward, establish territories, build nests, and rear clutches of eggs. Thank you for following along and sharing your observations.

Signs of Nesting Season Abound

Nesting behavior is still being widely reported. Keep your eyes peeled for nests, eggs, nestlings, and fledglings!

Stacey in Union, ME: “There are two active nests. One in a pine tree and one under the deck. Both nests appear to be incubating now. The photo was the male feeding the female in the pine tree nest.” (05/25/2022)

Patrick in Broomfield, CO: “4 baby siblings napping together. I believe they are 1 week old.” (05/29/2022)

Mark in Marysville, OH: “We have two Robin fledglings.” (06/02/2022)

Summer Reporting

While news updates are ending for the season, you can still report nesting behavior and general observations of American Robins until the end of July. You can also participate in other Journey North projects such as monarch butterflies and hummingbirds throughout early summer.