Peregrine Falcon Migration Updates: Fall, 1998
Contributed by biologist Geoff Holroyd, Canadian Wildlife Service

This page includes links to each of Geoff Holroyd's reports to Journey North and suggestions for classroom activities.

  • Photo: Skip Ambrose
    The satellite transmitter is worn on the falcon's back. It is attached by straps which fit around the wings, like a backpack. The antenna is almost 9" long.

    October 2, 1998
    Biologists put radio transmitter #5735 on a Peregrine Falcon on July 6. She left her Alberta nesting grounds on September 16. Follow her path as she flies through Canada and the eastern U.S.

  • October 14, 1998
    Falcon #5735 has been wending her way through the Florida Keys down to Cuba and seems to be staying around. What might she be eating? Will she stay for the winter?

  • October 17, 1998
    Geoff Holroyd's falcon didn't do what people expected--she moved on and crossed Cuba. What makes Peregrine Falcons so restless?

  • October 20, 1998
    "To peregrinate" means to wander, and Peregrine #5735 has been wandering again, this time to Haiti. What kinds of prey do Peregrine Falcons take? Does their prey explain their wandering habits?

  • October 27, 1998
    What effects did Hurricane Mitch have on our Peregrine #5735?

  • October 30, 1998
  • Now Peregrine #5735 has found a small uninhabited island territory of the U.S. Huge cliffs here are covered with guano. Is this evidence of Peregrine food?

  • November 8, 1998
    Is Peregrine #5735 going to remain in Central America or head on to South America? Only time will tell!
  • December 7, 1998
    Sad final entry for Peregrine #5735.


  1. Print out a copy of Falcon # 5735's Fall Migration Data.
  2. Plot the migration route on a map using the latitude and longitude.
  3. Calculate the total distance Falcon # 5735 flew this fall.
  4. Estimate the average number of miles she flew each day, and the time her trip took.
  5. How did weather affect her trip? Do you think Hurricane Mitch changed her course? See links to weather maps on the Fall Migration Data page.

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