Passing Through
September 28, 2016 by Rita Welch

The push south continues in earnest as days become shorter, temperatures fall, and blooms begin to fade.
Hummingbird in Minnesota
Linda Tully Pontius      Highland, Maryland      September 27, 2016

Migration Highlights
Most noteworthy this week were sightings of solo fliers, stopping briefly by flowers and feeders to refuel before moving on. From north to south, people shared snapshot views of hummingbird migration.

Michigan: "Small guests continue to drift into our habitat where we have red flags flying. My late migrators spend most of their time nectaring in the flowers versus visiting the feeders. This morning it was 44°F. As the day warmed, they deferred to Black and Blue Salvia, Purple Prince Zinnias and Vermillionaire Cuphea. In the evening, the feeders generally receive a burst of activity 15-30 minutes before it becomes dark," reported Tilly from Sanford on September 24th.

Minnesota: "Yesterday evening one hummer didn't quit feeding until 7:20 pm. Quite a surprise as that was 3 minutes longer than the evening before. First thing this morning I had 4 at the feeder. They look in good condition and appear to be gaining weight nicely. I expect all of the hummers to be gone from our yard in about 6-8 days," reported Mike from Oakdale on September 27th.

Illinois: "The last few days have seen a consistent 7 in the morning. Late in the day the numbers go up to 12-17. They are flying all over the yard, nectaring at flowers and feeders," reported Pat from Collinsville on September 26th.

Georgia: "Have had 2 females here for several weeks that camp out on my Purple Salvia. I don't think these are the ones that lived here this summer because they are more skittish around me," reported Andrea from Athens on September 22th.

Florida: "Still have a few rubythroats hanging around. It will be interesting to see if they stay all winter this year," reported Tom from Lithia on September 26th.

"This chubby juvenile seems in no hurry to move on. Cooler temperatures this week were still mild enough for juveniles to bulk up for their great trip south," reported Beth from Wisconsin on Sept. 26th.


Sketch a plan to show how your plants will attract hummers from spring — through fall — with nectar-rich flowers.

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Report at least once a week while hummingbirds are present during this fall migration season.

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