Hummingbird News: May 14, 2014
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It's May and migrations are pushing their northern limits. It's time for the females to get working on nesting and rearing the young. Image of the Week
rufous juvenile male
Juvenile I.D.
John Doerper
News: Pushing Northern Limits
The migrations continue to push north to the edges of the ranges. Meanwhile the first sightings of fledglings are being reported for some species.

Rufous Reach Northern Edge
Rufous hummingbirds have shot north and have been sighted in Valdez and Girdwood, Alaska this past week to reach the northern edge of their breeding range.

"Heard the familiar buzz of a rufous near our salmon berry blossoms a couple of days ago. Finally saw it last night!"
Valdez, Alaska  05/09/14

Ruby-Throats Push North
Favorable southern winds and mild conditions moved the ruby-throat migration north across the continent and up the Atlantic Coast to the northern tip of Nova Scotia this past week.

"First hummingbird was seen drinking from my feeder at 10:00 am today."
Middleton, Nova Scotia  05/12/14

Western Species Highlights
Anna's are the only hummingbird that doesn't migrate south in winter. They have been known to nest as early as mid-December through June. In California the first fledglings are already out of the nest.

"First Anna's fledglings drinking from my feeder."
Vasalia, California  05/08/14

Alaska sightings map
Northern Edge
Baltimore oriole
Ilena Nipple
Anna's perched
Jack Moskovita
Explore: Eggs to Fledglings
Come visit a hummingbird nest as the babies hatch and grow. Each photograph in the series uses a question and answer format.
Maps: Tracking Migration
Robin Migration: What to Report

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