Here They Come!
March 3, 2017 by Mary Hosier

Migrating Ruby-throats and Rufous are arriving. Watch as Gulf winds shift from north to south bringing pulses of birds across from Mexico.

Hummingbird Migration
"First Rufous was single male on February 13th. There are at least three here now,"
reported Jim Vandegriff in Trinidad, California.

Excitement abounds as the first of the fresh migrant hummingbirds arrive! Ruby-throats have been reported along the Gulf coast in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Rufous hummingbirds have been sighted along the Pacific coast north to Washington.

Winds and Migration
Tailwinds were favorable for bringing birds across the Gulf early in the week. Watch for fallout as today's colliding north winds stop them at the coast.

Males Arrive First
Most first sightings of hummingbirds are males. They must find and defend their territory to lure in females who arrive a couple of weeks after them.

"First male sighted at feeder."
Chiefland, Florida on February 25.

"We saw our first male hummingbird today."
Houma, Louisiana on February 28.

Watch for Rufous along the Pacific coast and into Canada.

"Rufous sitting on the branch of a flowering tree. His chest feathers shone a brilliant red in the sunshine."
Santa Monica, California on February 22.

"Female Rufous, attempting to avoid Anna's hummingbirds and get some feeder-time."
Bellingham, Washington on February 27.

Western Species

"Let it snow! Anna's hummingbirds have been hanging out in the garden all winter long and a little spring snow is not going to discourage them."
Bellingham, Washington on March 1..

Shifting Winds

Fresh Rufous Migrant

"Two for one sale."

Rufous Hummingbird Spring Migration
Temperature, Patterns, and Timing

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Driving Questions

How do spring temperatures affect the timing and patterns of hummingbird migration?

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Hummingbird Migration: What to Report

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* Early Ruby-throat migration maps include sightings forwarded to us by Lanny Chambers of This sighting collaboration helps to make our maps more complete during the early phase.