Steady Advance
March 24, 2017 By Mary Hosier

Migration continues for tiny hummingbirds. Track their progress as they search out the food they need along the way.

rufous in flight
The Rufous Hummingbird makes one of the longest migratory journeys of any hummingbird in the world. This male was
photographed by John Doerper in Bellingham, Washington on March 20th, the day he sighted his first female.

Blown North to Kansas
It's been an exciting week for Ruby-throat migration. These tiny travelers advanced over 300 miles with the help of southern winds. The northernmost Rubies have moved into Kansas!

"We saw our first hummingbird, a healthy, deep colored male hummer. There had been a strong southerly breeze all day."
Mary Ester, Florida on March 21st.

"Last night winds out of the south west..... I now have 2 male Ruby-throated hummingbirds..... Now waiting on the females"
Tallahassee, Florida on March 21st.

"Earliest hummingbird we've ever had. Welcome back, Miss Hummer, on the first day of spring!"
Grenada, Mississippi on March 20th.

Rufous continue on their journey north through the sheltered Salish Sea between Vancover Island and Canadian mainland. They have also been reported moving eastward from the coast and up into the Cascade Mountains this week.

"Female Rufous arrived, surprisingly early given coldwinter. I'm at 1500' in the Cascades."
Randle, Washington on March 21st.

"First female Rufous was happily spotted on this first day of spring at the feeder. There's still only one male on site (arrived March 12th)."
Thetis Island, British Columbia on March 20th.

"We see the Rufous in the waterfall before we see them at the feeders. First female showed up today and had a quick bath."
Black Creek, British Columbia on March 18th. 49.86N

Western Species
Costa's hummingbirds are desert dwellers. They live in northwestern Mexico and southwest US.

south windsSouth Winds

Needing Nectar

Hummingbird's Friend

Costa's in Utah

Fueling Migration
How Hummingbirds Keep Their Engines Running

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