We cover migration and spring events in three ways:

  1. Limited Coverage
  2. Comprehensive Coverage
  3. On Vacation

1. Limited Coverage
Limited coverage allows us to add new species and spring events from time to time, without omitting old favorites. Participants can contribute data, but we cover the news in a more generalized, limited way.


  • Sightings: You can report your sightings.
  • Live Maps: You can view live maps.
  • Occasional Updates: One or two updates during the season.
  • Permanent resources about the species.

Does not include:

  • News Updates

2. Comprehensive Coverage
The majority of the species are tracked comprehensively. Updates for these species include:
  • Data collection
  • Migration maps
  • Migration data summaries
  • Narrative summaries of the migration's progress
  • Permanent resources (facts, lessons, data) about the species.

3. "On Vacation"
As the name implies, we are not presently covering these migrations. However, we have tracked these species in the past so we have:

  • An extensive collection of resource materials.
  • Historic migration maps from previous years.

You can still read and learn about these species, even though we are not tracking them live.