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Welcome to Decorah, Iowa! This live cam overlooks a bald eagle nest high in a white oak tree in a secluded valley north of Decorah.

The Decorah North eagle's nest is nine feet long at its longest point and seven feet wide at its widest point and about 5.5 feet high. It has a total area of 49 square feet, large for a bald eagle nest. The nest's weight is estimated to be roughly 2100 pounds and 56 feet off the ground.

During the nesting season the female lays 1-3 eggs and the adult pair takes turns incubating them. Hatching about 35 days later, the eagle chicks depend on both parents for food, warmth and protection until they fledge at 10-14 of age. The eagles eat both live and dead fish, squirrels, birds, rabbit, muskrat, deer, possum and anything else they can catch or find. Eagle parents do not ensure that all their eaglets are fed equally. The largest chick gets the majority of the food. The couple will protect and nurture their offspring until the young ones branch off on their own at 10-14 weeks of age.


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