How to Report
Your Sightings

You can submit field observation any time--day or night. Just follow the steps below. Try the system now by submitting a "Practice Report." When it's time to send REAL data from your site--about migrating animals, blooming flowers, and other events--you will use the same system.

Submit Your Report


Try a Practice Report!

Put your "practice sighting" on this map. It's a great way to learn.

Practice Reports

Follow steps 1-3. At Step 4, select "Practice Report" on the "Field Notes" form. Your practice sighting will appear on the map above 5 minutes later. Click map to see live version.

1. Click the word "Sightings" on the navigation bar above (or on any page).

2. Enter your e-mail address.

3. Press "Submit."

4. A "Field Notes" form will appear. Follow the instructions.

  • Optional: Look up your latitude and longitude to include with your report. (Our computer will look up and insert latitude/longitude records that are missing.)

5. After submitting your Practice Report (or any observation), check to make sure that we received it. Read on...

Find Your Report
on the Maps and Data page
6. Wait 5-10 minutes for the system to process your report.

7. Select "Maps" on the navigation bar above (or on any page).

8. You will see the "Maps and Data" page, as pictured on the right. Select the proper map on the "Maps and Data" page.

9. You can find your Report in two places:

  • Click "sightings" to see your report listed in the database.

About the Quality of Journey North Maps and Data
Our live maps and sightings database contain raw data, exactly as submitted by observers. However, the data are carefully reviewed by our staff on a daily basis. We contact observers to verify their sightings when we have questions, and remove data that does not meet our standards. A final review takes place before we publish Journey North News reports. A "snapshot" map and data summary is included. Therefore, for the most accurate maps and data summaries refer to the Journey North News rather that the live maps and database.