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EASTERN Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 20, 1998

Today's Report Includes:

Field Notes from Biologist Peter Nye

Latest Travels of Eastern Eagles
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The latest migration data is attached below--and it appears that Eagle #F42 and Eagle #F44 continued to push on last week.

Latest Satellite Migration Data


We challenged you--and Peter Nye--to predict where these eagles are headed. (See discussion below.) No sooner did Nye send his prediction for Eagle #F44--than she surprised him and flew even further north: "This bird could set the record of the highest latitude nester we have followed so far!" stated Nye.

But Eagle #F43 reminded him that it's a small world: "I was contacted by an eagle biologist friend of mine, Mr. Rudy Stocek, in New Brunswick. He found out about #F43 from the Journey North program WWW site! He confirmed there were at least two breeding pairs of eagles on Lake Oromocto, and I'll bet one is Eagle #F43!"

Discussion of Challenge Question #9
Peter Nye's Guesses Locations of Eagles' Nests

Photo: USFWS

Here are Nye's thoughts about where each eagles' nest is located. Notice the reasons he gives. How many clues does he draw from the behavior of the eagle? How many are related to his knowledge of eagle nesting habitat?

Eagle #F42
Nye's Guess: 54.00 N, 65.50 W
Somewhere in western Labrador Province, near Lake Lobstick.

Well, she has been on the move for over two weeks now. I would suspect based upon this --and today's date in relation to the nesting season--that she is very close to her nesting site. The area she is in is also an area where we have tracked previous wintering NY eagles, so we know it is suitable nesting area.

Eagle #F43
Nye's Guess: 45.59 N, -66.96 W
In southern New Brunswick Province, likely on Lake Oromocto.

This was our first bird to move (early March). This indicates she likely is moving to a nesting area not way north (i.e. a place that would have still been frozen when she left). Plus, she arrived at this spot only a week later and has been tight to it ever since. Finally (as mentioned above) an eagle biologist friend of mine, Mr. Rudy Stocek in New Brunswick confirmed there were at least two breeding pairs of eagles on Lake Oromocto. I'll bet one is F43! I'm thinking of doing my annual summer "visit the satellite eagles nest" to this site.

Eagle #F44
Nye's Guess: 54.00 N, 69.96 W
Central Quebec province near or at Lake Caniapiscau.

This one is tougher to predict, but she moved last (7 April), indicating she is going farther north and is concerned with late-frozen areas up north. She has only been travelling a little over a week now, but I suspect that she is "on her northerly bearing" (meaning around long 70) but may have a bit more latitude to go. I honestly don't know what the maximum latitude is before eagles run out of suitable nesting habitat in northern Quebec and stunted boreal or tundra-type conditions begin. (i.e. low shrub growth only and no suitable nesting trees), but I suspect she may be approaching it so I haven't given her much farther to go north. This bird could set the record of the highest latitude nester we have followed so far! Stay tuned !

(Editor's Note: This is Nye's guess BEFORE the data of 04/18/98 arrived-- so please do stay tuned for the next data update to be posted on 04/27/98)

Eagle Eye Nye

Peter Nye

New York Department of Environmental Conservation
Detective Work: Do Weather Clues Reveal When #F44 Traveled?
Sometime between the morning of April 4th and 5:50 pm on the 7th, Eagle #F44 traveled some 250 miles northward. Meteorologist Glen Schuster takes a look at the weather conditions those days--and then challenges you to analyze her more recent travels.

The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update will Be Posted on May 4, 1998.
(However, the latest Migration Data will be posted on April 27, 1998.)

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