Solstice Minus 1 Month

November 20, 2018 by Elizabeth Howard

The winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is one month away. How is the world around you changing as we approach the shortest day?

Super Moon by Jeff Love

    Report your Day Length (Photoperiod)

    Report on the 20th of every month, and on each equinox and solstice. Track changes in daylight over the course of the year on the sunlight map. Explore how day length changes in your part of the world as the Earth revolves around the Sun.

    Step 1: Look up your sunrise/sunset for October 20.

    Step 2: Calculate the length of time between sunrise and sunset. 

    Step 3: Report your day length for October 20.

    Step 4: Explore the daylight map.


    Report Signs of Seasonal Change

    How are living things affected by changes in daylight? Share and compare seasonal observations with people around the globe.