Equinox + One Month

April 20, 2019 by Team Journey North

What is your daylight one month past the equinox? How much change do you notice? Please report and share your daylight and your signs of the seasons.

“Venable’s Mighty Math Girls Lunch Club found today’s photoperiod. On the board you can see the four different ways they used to determine the elapsed time.” Submitted by Cindy (Charlottesville, VA; 03/20/2019)

What to Report

  • Report you day length for April 20, 2019.
  • Report seasonal signs of April.

How to Report your Day Length (Photoperiod)

Step 1: Look up your sunrise/sunset for April 20, 2019 using Google or other internet search engines. 

Step 2: Calculate the length of time between sunrise and sunset. 

Step 3: Report your day length for April 20, 2019.

Step 4: Explore the daylight map for April 20, 2019 to view entries.