Summer Solstice Only A Month From Now

May 20, 2020 by Team Journey North

An early reminder that the summer solstice is just a month away. Please report and share your daylight length and signs of the seasons. What changes have you noticed this past month?

“Greening up quickly now. Daylight until 8 at night.” Submission by: LouAnne (Polson, MT; 04/20/2020)


Report your photoperiod on the 20th of every month, and on each equinox and solstice. Track changes in daylight over the course of the year on the daylight map. Explore how day length changes in your part of the world as the Earth revolves around the Sun.

    Signs of Spring

    A splash of yellow here. A fleeting blur of blues and reds over there. Signs of spring are appearing everywhere across North America. What is your sign of spring? 

    From Sanford, MI: Tilly shared, “Fiddlehead ferns are emerging in the forest.” (05/03/2020)

    From Enid, OK:  Diane said, “Got a Giant surprise today when this large critter dropped by and dropped eggs on my Rue! Giant Swallowtail.” (05/03/2020)

    From Dousman, WI:  Kim noted, “Cape May Warblers have been active in my little woods since 5/7 every day.” (05/07/2020)

    From Marshall, IL: Erin observed, “Broad-headed Skink, male. Sighted yesterday afternoon by prairie plants.” (5/15/2020)

    Report your Day Length (Photoperiod) and Your Sign of Spring

    • Step 1: Look up your sunrise/sunset for May 20 using Google or other internet search engines. 
    • Step 2: Calculate the length of time between sunrise and sunset. 
    • Step 3: Report your day length for May 20.
    • Step 4: Explore the sunlight map.
    • Step 5: Share and compare seasonal observations with people across North America.