Springtime's Arrival

March 24, 2023 by Team Journey North

This past Monday, March 20, marked the spring equinox. The days are getting longer and signs of spring continue to emerge (pun intended) across North America.

First Blooms of 2023
Nima in Carmel Hamlet, NY (03/11/2023)

Increasing Day Length and Signs of Spring

At Journey North, we follow several specific migratory species, like monarch butterflies and common loons, as well as phenological events, like emerging tulip bulbs. Our Journey North community of observers are reporting these types of seasonal changes as day length increases:

Michelle in Carrollton, VA: The first bluebird eggs have been laid on our bluebird trail. It’s very early for this- approximately 11 days earlier than last two years. Temps were very warm for Jan/Feb here, but has been cold in March (below ave).” (03/11/2023)

Tim in Bellefonte, PA:March this year has been a temperature feud.  While Winter is still mostly in control, Spring has already made some inroads.  We had two days last month that hit 70°F; the typical average high for here in Bellefonte in February is 35°F.  The highest in March thus far has been 55°F.  But we have also had lows of late down into the 20s.  And the swings between the two have often been rapid and significant; two days after the 55°F high we had a low of 28°F… This past Sunday (3/12/2023) our first daffodil opened.  There are lots more buds on the way, but thus far, this has been the only one to brave the cold and snow by opening.” (03/12/2023)

Linda in Berlin, NY: “Northern Barred Owl just hangin’ out in my backyard day after the March Nor’easter storm of 3/13 - 3/14/2023.” (03/15/2023)

Sondra in Hazelton, IA: Great Blue Heron sitting on a small float of ice this morning. ice gone by mid day.” (03/16/2023)

Nadia in Columbia, MO: “Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) sprouting” (03/16/2023)

Ken in Lethbridge, AB: “While birding at Pavan Park along the Oldman River in Lethbridge, Alberta I saw my first of year American Wigeon. Later that morning I also saw some at Henderson Lake Park. A definite sign that spring migration has started.” (03/16/2023)

Please report your sign of spring to Journey North using the reporting category, All Other Signs of Spring.  

See more reports of spring from Journey North observers on the All Other Signs of Spring map and Maple Syrup (FIRST Sap Run) map.