Making Sense of Journey North Maps

Core Questions and Specific Questions
Throughout Journey North, students see a progression of real-time maps as part of each migration or spring event they follow. Each time students look at a new map, they should consider some basic questions. These questions will help them make sense of changes over time. You can use the journal page "Making Sense of Journey North Maps" to prompt students' thinking about most any map. We also provide handouts in our updates with specific map questions. This process provides excellent opportunities for assessment.

Core Questions: Making Sense of Journey North Maps (MSWord / PDF)

Core Map Questions
Ask core questions like these about most any map:

Look at the map:

  • What do you notice? Describe any patterns you see.
  • Make a general statement to describe what's happening.
  • What questions do your observations raise?
  • Try to explain what might have caused this pattern (e.g., weather changes). Form a hypothesis and record it your science journal.

Look again later:

  • How did the map change?
  • In what ways is it the same?
  • Find something to quantify (count or measure). This might include changes in the number of sightings, miles travelled, days passed, or directions of migration.
  • How does the map relate to your earlier predictions? In what ways does it match your predictions? How were you surprised?
  • What new questions do your new observations raise?

Specific Map Questions: Handouts
A handout is provided in each Journey North update that asks specific questions about the latest map. Here are two examples:

  • Monarch Butterfly Migration Map Questions: March 16, 2007 >>
  • Hummingbird Migration Map Questions: March 1, 2007 >>