Cultivating Keen Observers
Gallery of Student Handouts


Journey North invites students to view loads of remarkable photos and video clips — and to make real-life observations. You can use these click-and-print handouts to inspire students to observe closely and think like scientists. Click on the images below to select those appropriate to your grade level and teaching goals.
Grades 1-4 >
What I observe, What I Wonder
(Sample photo)
I saw, I think I saw, I counted, I wonder
(Sample video clip: PC / Mac)
What do you see? What do you think is happening? What do you wonder?
(Sample video clip)
What I already know. What I learned from observing. Questions I still have.
(Sample photo)
Describe what you see. What does it remind you of? What do you think it is?
(Sample photo/activity)
Grades 4+ >
Observations, Questions
(Sample video clip)
Observations, Inferences
(Sample photo)
List at least 5 details in the photo. What do you know from looking at it? What can you infer? What questions do you have?
(Sample photo)
Describe what you see. What do you think just happened? What do you think will happen next? What clues helped?
(Sample photo)
What has changed? What do I know that could help explain the change?
  Scientific Method Anchor chart
List at least 3 things you notice about this animal. How does each adaptation help it survive or reproduce?
(Sample photo)
h Anchor Chart
Organize your investigations using the Scientific Method.