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Meet the Caribou Experts

Don Russell


Don Russell is our Journey North Caribou Expert. Presently he is a Research Manager in charge of something called Circumpolar Global Change Program. His studies focus on the impacts of global change on arctic ecosystems with, of course, reindeer and caribou as the primary focus. A wildlife biologist with years of experience in the field working with the Porcupine caribou, Don is considered one of the top experts in caribou research.

Dorothy Cooley


Dorothy Cooley is a Regional Biologist with the Department of Renewable Resources in Yukon Territory,Canada. In addition she is an alternate member for the Government of Yukon on the Porcupine Caribou Management Board. If you were wondering who it is that rides in the helicopter to capture and collar the caribou, Dorothy is the one! She is involved with tracking the caribou and numerous other wildlife research projects.

Deana Lemke
Cranberry picking with her daughters


Deana Lemke, the Secretariat of the Porcupine Caribou Management Board (PCMB) has an important role with our project. Her jobs include keeping track of the activities of the PCMB with monthly updates, communicating with members, and educational outreach to communities and school children.

Dr. Stephen Arthur
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Dr. Stephen M. Arthur is a research biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. One of his main duties with the government is to monitor the caribou in the far north. Dr. Arthur has been involved with the Porcupine caribou census; counting and monitoring the population for 4 years. One of his main duties is to conduct the annual calving ground survey, to estimate calf production and survival and to document areas used for calving each year. Keeping track of weather patterns, predator/prey relationships, and habitat are also part of the work that Dr. Arthur is involved with at the Department.

Martin Kienzler
is a wildlife technician for the Northern Region of the Yukon based in Dawson City. He has worked closely with biologist Dorothy Cooley since 1997. As a technician, his primary tasks are more on an operational level, organizing for and carrying out fieldwork, ordering and maintaining equipment and so on. Currently the only "net-gunner" for the Yukon Government, Martin travels around the Yukon capturing caribou of the various herds, for deployment of radio and satellite collars when and where needed.

Martin Kienzler andDorothy Cooley pose in their official Journey North tshirts
Martin Kienzler (with Dorothy Cooley) wrestles collared caribou

Organizations Assisting in this Project:
  • Satellite Collar Project
    A cooperative project between a number of wildlife agencies and Boards to use satellite radio-collars on Porcupine Caribou to document the seasonal range use and migration patterns of the herd.
  • The Porcupine Caribou Management Board
    A management group that includes agencies from the Canadian Government, Native organizations, and the Yukon and Northwest Territories governments.