Countdown to Migration: October 5, 2007

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Photo Mark Chenoweth

Orientation & Welcome to New Participants >>

Chick Chat: Seventeen in Flight! Get your journals ready! >>

This photo by Operation Migration supporter Deb Schrader shows why September 28 was a BIG day. The 17 cranes in the Class of 2007 flew past in one group as Deb watched from the observation tower. Minutes later when the chicks landed, the fence came down. So. . .all 17 are at last flying together and living together in a single pen, with the biggest trip of their lives just days away.

Team members are taking turns for last visits with families before the long migration begins. When not working with the birds, they are preparing for all the things that could happen on the migration. When all equipment and people are back in place, it will be time to leave. If luck and the weather are on their side, that date will be October 10!

Photo Deb Schrader

Click photo to enlarge. Then count the crane-kids in flight!

Timeline: Update Big Events Predict and Compare >>

Now you can add "17 chicks fly together" to your own timeline for this year’s crane-kids. See other milestones and key events:

  • Key Timeline Events: Hatch Year 2007 >>
Journaling: Why is Seventeen Super? Audio Clip: "Crane Class of 2007" >>

Seventeen is fewer birds than the team hoped to lead south this year. Listen to pilot Joe Duff’s audio clip and then write your thoughts about this week’s question:

What is GREAT about having 17 birds?

Photo Operation Migration
Meet the Team: Crane Quiz #5 Print the Quiz >>

How many kids can say their dad flies with Whooping Cranes? It’s time to meet the dedicated team that will lead the chicks on their first journey south. Click on facts and photos here:

  • Operation Migration Team 2007 >>

Meet the team in this week's Crane Quiz!

The pilots study a map.
Photo Operation Migration

Booklet: "Countdown to Migration" Teacher Guide/Lesson Links >>

October 10 is the target date for departure, so it’s time to read “Countdown to Migration.” The cranes just show up and fly, but the crew has lots to do! What’s on their job list right now? And what makes the “sweet spot” so important to the birds in flight? Find answers in this week's booklet in our pre-migration series. Each booklet comes in PDF format ready to print, fold, and enjoy. (Teacher Guide with lesson links, too!)

  • "Countdown to Migration" (Printer-friendly, downloadable kids' booklet). pdf >>
  • Web slide show version >>

Change4Cranes: Classroom Visit Winners

As promised, Operation Migration drew three names from “Early Bird” classrooms signed up for Change4Cranes. These lucky teachers and their students can welcome a member of the OM Team to their school for a presentation!

  • Ms. Trudy Land’s class (Neil Armstrong Elementary School, Mooresville, IN)
  • Ms. Linda Maier’s class (Columbus Middle School, Columbus, WI
  • Ms. Wendy Bashinski’s class (Lockhart Middle School, Orlando, FL)

There's still time to get your kit and help the cranes!

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