Whooping Crane Countdown to Journey South 2011
Countdown to Migration: October 7, 2011

Migration take-off is just hours away. Why are treats an important part of the cargo? Who's the grouchiest bird? The shyest? All bio pages are newly updated. We just need the right weather and cooperative cranes Oct. 8!

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week
Image: Eva Szyszkoski, ICF
Why Give Treats?

Chick Chat: Ready, Set…Go?

Training weather was great this week. All ten have taken off together, but not once have they landed together. Ten-minute flights are usual for some of the birds, while others are keener for time on the ground. Will they follow the ultralights when their migration starts, or will some crates be necessary?

Will they take off Saturday, October 8th as planned? The weather will decide. If it’s a go, we’ll post a news flash. Then take your front-row seat each day with the latest maps, photos, migration math and journal questions. The Class of 2011’s first Journey South is about to begin!

Crane-kids in Flight
Watch it Now

How many start the flight? Keep watching to find out how many end the flight.

Journal: Stars of the Show  Journey South Journal

A grouchy little bird. Makes up in friendliness what he lacks in ambition. Ace flyer. Shyest bird. The baby brother and very attached to the costume. Which birds are these? Team Interns Geoff and Caleb spend the most time with the cranes, and they have the answers. All ten crane bio pages are newly updated with their comments! See the latest on every bird before you answer this week's journal question:

Journal Question:
List three or more V.I.P.s (Very Interesting Points) you discovered from the latest news about the ten young cranes in the Class of 2011. (Scroll to the bottom of each bio page for the latest news.)

Image: Tom Schultz

Which bird is this? What surprising things does Geoff say about him this week? See his bio page to find out.
Teachers: Book a Visit!
Operation Migration, whose team conducts the migration, has a great offer for teachers near (within 50 miles of) the migration route (see map). Would you like to arrange a presentation at your school by two expert teachers who will be traveling with the team? To inquire, send an email to: class-visit@operationmigration.org

Operation Migration's CraneCam lets us observe the cranes in their pen. The TrikeCam lets us fly with them on migration!

Looking Ahead: Friday Updates Bookmark the Whooping Crane Home Page for the latest news!

Target departure date: October 8 from White River Marsh SWA near Berlin, Wisconsin. Stay tuned!

Updates During migration: Starting on Day One of migration, we post DAILY maps, photos, and classroom challengers on the web. The Friday e-mails will be quick summaries of the reports from that week. We're glad you're here for year 11 of this historic conservation story!

Orientation & Welcome to New Participants


We'll be back with the weekly summary next Friday: October 14, 2011.
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