Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle
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Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle Egg Laying Facts
  • Clutch Size: 1–3 eggs
    Number of Broods: 1 broods
    Egg Length: 2.3–3.3 inches (5.8–8.4 cm)
    Egg Width: 1.9–2.5 inches (4.7–6.3 cm)
    Egg Description: Dull white, usually without markings.

  • The female usually lays a clutch of two eggs, though she can lay as many as four. She incubates the eggs for about 40 days by sitting on the nest to keep them warm.

  • The female doesn't usually lay one egg each day; it usually takes her 3 - 6 days to complete her clutch.

  • Each egg weighs roughly 110 - 130 grams.

  • Bald eagle eggs are white. They may occasionally have pale brown splotches, but not usually. They are shaped like most eggs, and range from 6-8 centimeters long and 5-6 centimeters wide.

  • The time around egg-laying is a vulnerable time. Intrusive human activities in the breeding area may discourage adults from laying eggs or may cause enough stress to produce non-viable eggs.

  • Egg-laying dates vary throughout the U.S., ranging from October in Florida, to late April or even early May in the northern United States.