About This Study

Spring makes itself known by new sights and also through new sounds. One unmistakable sound of spring is the croaking and calling of frogs, which soon raise a chorus in the wetlands, stream banks, and woodlands across North America.

Citizen scientists are invited to report the first singing frogs of spring. The four frog species below are known for early spring singing. We're eager to hear from you—as soon as you hear from these frogs. Help monitor frog populations and phenology by reporting the timing of this spring life cycle event.

Listen for These Frogs
Find your hometown on the maps below and listen for the frog species that live near you. Practice listening to these frog calls so you'll know them when you hear them. To listen, click on the links below each map.

Chorus Frog map

Spring Peeper map

Chorus Frog
(Pseudacris triseriata)
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(.aif version)
Spring Peeper
(Pseudacris crucifer)
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Spotted Chorus Frog
(Pseudacris clarkii)
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Pacific Chorus Frog
(Pseudacris regilla)

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