Dorothy Edgington
Three cheers for Journey North's friend, Dorothy Edgington, for sending these fantastic nesting photographs! You should have seen the excitement in our office when her photos arrived. We had never seen such a wonderful, clear, close-up peek into a hummer nest, and we are wildly indebted and grateful to Dorothy for her kind and generous offer to share her hummingbird nest photos with Journey North students.

The maple tree where the hummers nested was in the backyard of the country home that Dorothy and her husband built. Their home is two miles from Swayzee, Indiana, about 60 miles North of Indianapolis. The photos were taken with Dorothy's new digital camera. Dorothy's sister came to her yard every day to check on the babies, help her get the ladder out, and hold the branch down so she could get those prize-winning photos! Dorothy is retired from her job as a Pharmacy Technician, and she spends a lot of time in her flower garden. That's when she discovered the nest. She could hear the hum of the wings overhead. The nest was on a branch about the size of an adult's finger and about ten feet off the ground. Incredibly, Mama Hummingbird cooperated, so we also have HER to thank!

Dorothy thinks there's nothing better than watching the birds and the flowers and having children and pets around. WE think there's nothing better than a friend like Dorothy! She said, "I hope that you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking and sharing them with all of you. I feel like I have experienced a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity."

Well, so do WE---and it's all thanks to Dorothy!