What to Report
Fall | Spring
bees at feeder
Leslie Bergum
Winter Sightings
Report all observations of overwintering hummingbirds, any species.

John Doerper

First Hummingbird
Report the first hummingbird you see in the spring:

  • Ruby-throated
  • Rufous
  • Other species

Russ Thompson

Nectaring from Flowers
What natural sources of nectar are available in the spring, and at which do you see hummingbird feeding?

  • Report hummingbirds you see nectaring at flowers. Try to include the name of the flower.
bees at feeder
Alexis Hayes

Other Observations
Throughout the breeding season, report such observations as:

  • first female of spring
  • courtship and territorial behavior
  • hummingbird numbers
  • amount of food consumed at feeder
Report Your Hummingbird Sightings

Where to Report
All observations are included on Journey North's real-time maps. The data help us analyze migration from year to year.