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Monarch Butterfly and Flowering Milkweed


Monarch Butterfly caterpillar eating milkweed


Monarch Butterfly nectaring on New England Aster


Monarch Butterflies arriving at overwintering region in Mexico

At Home
Create monarch habitat by planting a butterfly garden.

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  • Plant native milkweed
    Some non-native plants disturb migratory patterns.
  • Provide nectar plants
    Include flowers that bloom during fall migration.
  • Avoid pesticides
    Pesticides kill monarchs at all stages of the life cycle
  • Report your monarch observations
    Scientists need data to understand all stages of the monarch's annual cycle. Citizen scientists contribute valuable observations.

In Your Community
Get involved in monarch habitat conservation in your community, region, state or province.

  • Limit mowing
    Talk to property managers and local governments about ways to reduce or eliminate mowing, especially in late summer when the migratory generation is developing. If you must mow, pay attention to the timing of monarch generations and implement a regimen of alternate cuttings, so that new milkweed is continually available and generations have time to develop.
  • Avoid pesticides
    Reduce or restrict pesticides in monarch habitat along roadsides, railroad, and powerline right-of-ways. Avoid spraying for mosquitoes or other insects when monarchs are present.
  • Support beneficial farming practices
    Advocate for practices that do not eradicate milkweed. Encourage legislation that requires labeling of food made from genetically modified crops for consumer awareness.
  • Build community support
    Share information about monarch conservation needs through local news outlets and social networks.
  • Contribute to conservation efforts
    Support organizations that protect monarch habitat on the breeding grounds, along the migration route, and at the overwintering sanctuaries in Mexico.
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