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2021 Spring Migration Season Has Begun.

Weekly monarch migration news updates have resumed.

Estela Romero and Ellen Sharp share news of large numbers of monarchs leaving the sanctuaries in Mexico. Our weekly monarch news updates provide snapshots of the frontline of monarch migration. Read the latest news.

Spring migration tracking has begun.

Now is the time to be on the look out for first arrivals of migrating monarchs and first emergence of milkweed. Register and report to Journey North. 

Early spring monitoring is all capturing the first arrival dates of migrating monarchs and emerging milkweed. Please report:

  • Monarch Adult (FIRST sighted)
  • Monarch Egg (FIRST sighted)
  • Monarch Larva (FIRST sighted)
  • Milkweed FIRST sighted

After the flush of first arrivals, please continue to report your monarch observations and milkweed presence:

  • Monarch Adult Sighted
  • Monarch Egg Sighted
  • Monarch Larva Sighted
  • Monarch (OTHER Observations)
  • Milkweed Sighted

Letters From The Field describing overwintering monarchs at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve are coming to a close.

Our contributors, Dr. Ellen Sharp, Ms. Anna Moreno, Mr. Pato Moreno, and Ms. Estela Romero have provided rich stories from the monarch sanctuaries in the States of Michoacán and Mexico, in central Mexico. Estela will write a few more articles before we say farewell for the overwintering season in Mexico. Throughout the spring, summer and fall, you can catch up on news you may have missed. 

For reports from Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary written by Dr. Ellen Sharp, Ms. Anna Moreno, and Mr. Pato Moreno, please refer to:

For Ms. Romero’s reports from Sierra Chincua and El Rosario Sanctuaries please refer to: 

For Ms. Romero’s posts describing her work with the Symbolic Migration Project and other environmental educational programming, please refer to her weekly blog posts

Targeted Project: Monitoring Overwintering Monarchs

A heart-felt THANK YOU goes out to all those who participated in the targeted study of monarchs in the Gulf states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida as well as Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Journey North will share your submitted reports to researchers and others studying monarch behavior in this region. We hope to replicate this monitoring effort next year. (This project was a collaborative effort among Journey North, Monarchs Across Georgia, the University of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.)

Migration News Spring 2021

Watch the season’s story unfold.