Archive Collection: Ms. Estela Romero

Letters From The Field


Estela Romero, Environmental Educator
Angangueo, Michoacán, México

Every week, from November to March, Estela Romero writes articles describing monarch activity within the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Ms. Romero’s articles focus on Sierra Chincua and El Rosario Sanctuaries. We have captured her articles through the years in this archive collection. 

Ms. Romero also shares video footage from the Reserve which we share on our Journey North YouTube channel. Enjoy scenes from the Sanctuaries.

Playlist: 2023-2024 Overwintering Season at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

As an experienced environmental educator, Ms. Romero works with other educators and students in communities surrounding the Monarch Reserve. She delivers educational programming as well as Symbolic Migration Classroom Ambassadors to local schools. Ms. Romero describes these school visits in her weekly blog posts for the Symbolic Migration Project.

Estela Romero’s work is made possible with funding from Monarchs Across Georgia and the Monarch Butterfly Fund.

Ms. Romero has written articles for Journey North since 2007.


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