Letter From Estela Romero: The Wonder of Winter


Published: 01/26/2022

Dear friends,

The peak of the season attracts thousands of visitors week after week regardless of the weather. This past week, the weather has been cold and gray. There was even frost conditions. Visitors still arrived to tour the oyamel fir forests and the overwintering monarchs. 

There has been no change in the density of the population in Sierra Chincua Sanctuary. There has also been no relocation of monarchs. Monarchs continue to be located in the El Tepozán canyon and creek where large numbers of visitors congregate to view the monarch colony and the beauty of the creek.

Monarch activity is most pronounced at El Rosario Sanctuary where the extraordinary migrating phenomenon has begun.

The entrance to El Rosario Sanctuary is lined with flags from many different countries. Visitors arrive from China, Japan, Russia, Europe, and Scandinavia and from North and South America. Officials maintain Covid-19 regulation to protect the health of all visitors. 

Mr. Silvestre, lead guide at the Sanctuary, stated: “The freezing days this past week did not affect monarch locations at all.  The colony, as you can see, continues exactly at its same spot and with the same density in Las Arenitas location.

Monarchs occupy a large portion of the forest in this location. Visitors often remark that it is difficult to calculate the actual number of monarchs at this location.

Mariela, a visitor from Eastern Mexico, was fascinated to learn about the the life cycle of monarchs.

No chance to see Monarchs in the pacific harbor towns or cities in Mexico passing by at all…” Mariela exclaimed. 

No premature observations on mating can be seen. The colony’s behavior seems to be keeping a totally normal pattern.

Visitors leaving the colony are moved by the incredible spectacle that nature offers.

Visitors are often seen with a locally crafted souvenir, perhaps a mugo, or a Catrina with monarch decorations representing the souls of our dead ones, or even a delicious craft-made drinks – all contribute to this unbelievable experience. 

Estela Romero

Angangueo, Michoacán, México.


Note to our readers: This article has been edited from the original English version for clarity and readability.

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