Letter from Estela Romero: Departures Continue and Remaining Monarchs Draw Concern


Published: 03/30/2022

Dear friends,

“Go, please go! Hurry up! Go north! There you go! Hush!”

This remaining population of monarchs keep experts seriously concerned. The monarchs don’t seem to be in a hurry to start their long journey north as the temperatures reach 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

El Rosario Colony

The colony at the El Rosario Sanctuary has diminished in numbers this past week to about a half of what the numbers were last week. The frantic massive departure downhill and north abated and slowed. Tourists continue to enjoy the last portion of the colony in this Sanctuary.

“We believe that the last handful could still stay up to next weekend. However, El Rosario Sanctuary is officially closing its doors next Thursday, March 31, but allowing visitors in until next Sunday, April 3, in case a few monarchs remain in the forest”. -A guide remarked.

Río Grande Colony

The Río Grande colony, located 1 to 1.5 km north downhill, decreased in numbers also. The population this weekend seems to be half of what we reported last week.

This colony remains a beautiful location. We all wonder if this colony will be a pausing spot for the remaining population of monarchs still roosting in the Llano Cruzado location of the El Rosario Sanctuary. It is still possible that later this week the monarch could suddenly take off and fly straight north without pausing in the Río Grande location. 

Less intense mating continues with many pregnant females that will need to reach their breeding areas in the north.

Blooming flowers are less abundant. The weather is dry and already very hot. Temperatures continue to rise. The journey north promises to be long and exhausting.

Hush! Go our brave and precious creatures! There is the way north! Hurry-up and please go now!

May your strength teach us one more lesson on your capacity for resilience and adaptation.

Estela Romero

Angangueo, Michoacán, México.


Note to our readers: This article has been edited from the original English version for clarity.

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