Letter From Estela Romero: Observations From Sierra Chincua


Published: 01/20/2021

Dear Friends,

Surprisingly, the cold winter wave we have had for the last few days broke and today we have had a rather nice, sunny day – a welcome relief after several hailstorms near México and Toluca City. 

I am happy to report that monarchs can still be found in Sierra Chincua Sanctuary, contrary to what many observers in El Rosario had feared.  

Although the public can only view part of the colony at Sierra Chincua, what we did see was beautiful.

Yadira, my guide, assured me that the colony has now settled. From our viewing point, we could see the colony as it was placed as if heading towards the Rondanilla community downhill, but North-North-West at the time. 

Visitors are coming to both Sierra Chincua and El Rosario Sanctuaries, although not in the quantities they usually do in previous years. But the numbers are steady. All of the visitors are Mexican with only a few visitors from other countries.

This is my brief note on my recent visits to Sierra Chincua Sanctuary. I will provide more official news as the monarchs begin their journey north. 

Estela Romero

Angangueo, Michoacán, México.