Learn Some Common Warblers:
Warbler Memory Games

Did you know that most of the names we use for warblers are descriptive ones? Names like Black-throated green, Chestnut-sided, Yellow-throated and Black and White are all extra clues to help us identify them.
Memory games are fun and can help teach you the different warblers. Below, we offer a couple of ways you can learn more about these beautiful birds using some drawings of birds that you can cut and color. Follow these directions or make up your own ideas for using these cards.

Memory Game
Small example of a warbler card ready for coloring

1. Begin by printing out the special card-sized drawings of warblers and their habitat (printing on heavy paper is recommended). Cut them out like playing cards.

2. Use Field Guides and other references for bird identification to learn about each bird's colors and markings, then color the cards to bring the birds alive. Also read about the habitats where you might see them.

3. Partner with others so you will have 2 sets of each card. Mix the cards up and lay face down in rows.

4. Each person takes a turn selecting 2 cards from the group. If you select 2 of the same birds you may keep them and continue your turn. If not, put the cards back in place, face down for the next person to try.

5. When all cards are chosen the game is over.

Make a Warbler Habitat Display
Use this habitat drawing as your guide for a large display
Use 2 sets of cards to create a display to teach others about warblers! Enlarge and color the drawing of the habitat (the deciduous tree and conifer tree with a marsh between) on a large sheet of mural paper or bulletin board background paper. Place one of each of the bird cards in the habitat scene. Complete your display with a key on the side, using the corresponding cards that describe each bird in more detail. Invite viewers to "go birding" at your display.