Mac Users:
How to Use and View Journey North
Video Clips


STEP 1: Decide if you'll watch clips from the Web site or download them to your computer.

Video files are very large. They can be opened directly from the Web site if you have a fast connection speed. But slow computers and Internet connections can make watching them in this way difficult or impossible.

If your connection is slow, try downloading the clips to your computer before using them. See Download and Play Clip (below). You can save clips on your computer's hard drive or you can burn them onto a CD. Once you have them, you can use them quickly and dependably in your classroom.

STEP 2: Download a Media Player (free) if you don't have it.

Most Journey North video clips have the ending .wmv and can generally only be played only with Windows Media Player. (A few end in .rm and must be played with Real or Real One Player.)

If you don't have these on your computer, you can download them free. You will only need to download the software once. You'll use it with many Journey North video clips.
STEP 3: Click and Play Clip (For Mac OS X and higher)

The latest version of Windows Media Player for the Mac allows you to click on a video clip address and play it in most browsers. Newer Macs have the Safari browser, which also allows you to click and play Windows Media Player files. Download the Safari update.

Older Macs: Click and Play Clip (For below Mac OS X)

If you click on the video link and a browser window opens with garbled text:
  • Copy the Web address (URL) from the top of the browser window.
  • Open Windows Media Player.
  • Select File: "Open URL" or "Open Location."
  • Paste Web address into box provided.
Older Macs: Download and Play Clip (for below Mac OS X or slow connections)

To download a video clip to your computer, hold down the mouse button over the link, and select "Download Link to Disk" or "Save This Link As" from the menu that appears. Once the file is completely downloaded and saved, you can open it from your Windows Media Player (open the Windows Media Player and select “open” from the “File” menu.)